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Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction in Miami Florida

After puberty, many women suffer neck pain and back pain associated with large breasts. For some patients large breasts are more than an aesthetic deformity, but can progress to a condition of significant discomfort. In addition with time breasts may become larger and more sagging, increasing the discomfort or pre-received disfigurement.
Surgical Technique

Breast reductions are usually performed under general anesthesia. The procedure is performed through different types of incisions. The basis of the procedure is the removal of breast tissue, excess fat and skin to reduce the size of the breasts.

The extent of the reduction is usually a decision made by the surgeon, Dr. Sampson, with the input from the patient.

The incisions have three types

A circular pattern around the areola
A circular pattern around the areola with a vertical extension to the breast crease
An incision similar to item #2 with a horizontal limb in the inframammary crease

As the incisions are closed, the smaller breast is contoured and lifted, producing a new, younger appearing breast.

As with all surgical procedures, complications are possible with breast reductions. The possible adverse events are usually associated with thickened scars, tissue loss, change in breast sensation or bleeding under the skin (hematoma). Fortunately, these types of results are very rare and the breast reduction procedure will produce smaller, perkier breasts for patients.

The aim of the procedure is to primarily relieve patients of the heavy burden of excessively large breasts. The large breasts are associated with neck pain, back pain, discomfort with exercise and shoulder marks and pain from the bra straps. Patients are usually overjoyed by the additional benefits of perkier and more attractive breasts. Many insurance plans will pay for these procedures, it the patient has the required symptoms and signs.

Call Dr. Sampson in Miami Florida, so you can get the benefits of a breast reduction.