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Brazilian Butt Lift

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Brazilian Butt Lift Candidates

If you are interested in achieving a shapely, sculpted backside, you will need to consult with Dr John Sampson. Only experienced John Sampson like our team can determine whether you are a good candidate.

Typically, strong candidates for Brazilian butt lift are individuals who:

If, after a physical examination and discussion of your health history and surgical goals, our surgeon deem you an appropriate candidate for surgery, they will begin to draw up a treatment plan for your procedure. You can schedule your surgery with our patient coordinators, who will give you details about pricing, preparing for the day of surgery and other logistics.

Brazilian Butt Lift


Brazilian Butt Lift includes multiple techniques that are used to reshape and augment the buttocks. There are various techniques that are available to produce the patient’s desired results.

Surgical Techniques


Many techniques have been used to produce the augmentation of the buttocks. In the United States the safest and most consistent techniques have involved the use of liposuction of the abdomen or other areas of excess tissue. Then the collected fat can be injected to augment the size of the buttocks. In addition to augmentation of the buttocks, Dr. Sampson will contour the areas of the torso, so the shape of the buttocks is improved.



The complications of the buttock augmentation are usually quite limited. Pain is usually not severe. There is an initial loss of volume as swelling resolves, but then usually the remaining fat and new buttock shape is well maintained.

Time Off Work


The usual time off work is approximately one week. Dr. Sampson limits excessive sitting for the first two days after the procedure.



The results of buttock reshaping (contouring) and augmentation is a larger and more attractive buttock. This improvement is usually very appealing to both females and males.